Novel Longitudinal Corrugate

… and yet another article in SUSTAINABLE NONWOVENS – our technology for stretchable paper may be of interst as well for this sector, providing fluffiness and absorbency article sustainable nonwovens 02-03_2017

the IPW-ONLINE magazine dedicated us an article on our technology for stretchable paper

ARTICLE IPW 1-2_2017 “the twist with the stretch”

meet us at Papercon2017, april 25th, 2017, PF7 “new technologies in paper and board making” on novel longitudinal corrugate and improved CMT-values for fluting treated with technology for stretchable paper

Novel longitudinal corrugate in continuous production, stabilized wave, ingoing width = outgoing width, combination possibilities to traditional corrugate, still in a continuous process


Novel longitudinal corrugate in combination with other 3D paper layers


see what Tappi360 says on stretchable paper:

Stretchable Paper—Yes, Really!, Paper360º January/February 2017

It’s only when you see it right in front of your eyes that you realize just what an incredible transformation takes place with the Papermorphosis system—an inline innovation for papermakers being marketed by Italian company Gruppo X. Incredibly, and in a very short space of time, white, conventional papers transform into a stretchable, fabric-like material that acts like thin plastic.
Author: Mark Rushton

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