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Our Technology

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Highly Stretchable Paper                        Novel Longitudinal Corrugate

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Actual status of our development

Whereas for our past development of extensible paper we could develop it at full industrial scale on a 2,50m wide papermachine at and together with the Cariolaro mill in Northern Italy, for one of our PAPERMORPHOSIS units “XXBELT” we had just the possibility for an industrial proof of concept before the company was sold. From summer 205 to summer 2019 we had our units at pilot scale installed at the “FEX”-pilot paper line at the paper research institute Innventia AB/Stockholm/Sweden.  There we were processing the maximun available machine width (240 mm) deriving from the FEX machine.

We could state that the XXBELT unit was able to process also industrial standard grades by rewetting, processing and drying them. Today the pilot is undergoing a rebuild as a stand-alone unit offline a paper machine, opening areas of interest not only for paper makers but also for converters, as we could improve elongations from high to tailor made also from short fiber, recycling grades and even bagasse.

The unit will be ready for customer trials from end January 2020 at our partner machina manufacturer Ramina srl in Italy, both for inline and offline units.